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Our FREE (30min) Intro Session is how most people get started at FitClub, it is the perfect way for you to get a feel for FitClub, meet the crew, members and feel the friendly vibe and see if it is the right fit for YOU!

Please click the link below to Learn more about our FREE 30 min Introductory Session. 

In your FREE (30min) Introductory Session we will start by getting to know you first and ask you what you would like to achieve. We will then take you through some pad work to help you improve your boxing technique.

From here we can recommend the best classes for you to get started with..

To be eligible for this very limited offer you MUST be 18 or over and be a permanent Brisbane resident who lives or works in the Brisbane CBD & be new to FitClub.

Come TRY US, we have a NO STRINGS attached policy 🥊😊



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