30 Minute Intro Session

Our 30 min Introductory session, is how most people get started at FitClub, it is the perfect way for you to get a feel for FitClub, meet the crew, members and feel the friendly vibe and see if it is the right fit for YOU!

In your Introductory session we will start by getting to know you first and ask you about where you are right now and what you would like to achieve. We will then take you through some pad work to help you improve your boxing technique.

We can then recommend the best classes for you to get started with..

*Try a FREE (30min) INTRO session and receive a *Bonus 2 weeks FREE when you get started (t’s & c’s apply)

We specialise in helping new members who have never boxed before get off to a great start 🙂


There’s something for everyone at FitClub with our three fantastic membership options. Designed for the busy professional, we have our bronze, silver and gold packages.


Access to all our classes
$ 45 Per Week
  • Full Studio Access
  • UNLIMITED Boxing Classes
  • FitClub Online & Virtual Classes
  • No Contract


Our #1 Training Program
$ 79 Per Week
  • 1 Personal Training Session per week
  • UNLIMITED Boxing Classes
  • FitClub Online & Virtual Classes
  • Full Studio Access
  • No Contract


More of the good stuff
$ 125 Per Week
  • 2 Personal Training Sessions per week
  • UNLIMITED Boxing Classes
  • FitClub Online & Virtual Classes
  • Full Studio Access
  • No Contract

Why We Love Boxing

Boxing is the most time effective workout on the Planet! It provides a perfect combination of cardio and toning all in the one workout, which equals fast results for You!

There’s no better stress relief than boxing and punching your troubles away. It’s an awesome way to clear your mind and get all your frustration out. You’ll be surprised how productive & amazing you’ll feel afterwards!

It’s a way of escaping the world as you zone out and focus on your Coach, your Boxing Combo’s & YOU! This is your time and your space to sweat it out and feel Rejuvenated, Re-energised & Ready to take on the World again!

...the best thing of all is that it is really a LOT of FUN!

"FitClub is different from other gyms in a whole bunch of ways. It actually feels like family, the people here are extremely welcoming. Not just that, but every time you come to FitClub, it's a different class, it's a different day - no day is the same."

You are part of the family

Training at FitClub means that you are part of the FitClub Family, and with that comes heaps of rewarding benefits to help you achieve your fitness goals.

We will inspire and motivate you with our FitClub Rewards Program that realistically rewards you for your effort and hard work. Our in-house challenges will get you to push yourself even further than you ever thought possible, and you will feel amazing afterwards!

We make a promise to you; that you will always have our dedication, care and support to help get you to where you want to be. With regular goal setting and body compositions sessions, results are a lot closer than you think.

Ready for your exciting adventure to begin?

Try your first session for free

Our 30 minute introductory session is how most people get started at FitClub. You’ll get to meet the crew, our members, and experience the friendly vibe first-hand.

30 minute free intro session