All Boxing Fitness Classes

Pound It!

Your Boxing Coach will show you how to make many different boxing moves using the boxing bag in this 30 minute action packed class.
Pure boxing drills using the boxing bag for 30 minutes.

This class is perfect for your first Class 🙂

Boxing Circuit

In our Boxing Circuit you will journey through a series of activities that involve the use of our boxing and fitness equipment. Our Boxing Circuit is a superb all in one cardio and toning class. You will master every activity on the circuit and you will experience a fantastic feeling of achievement! The Boxing Circuit is also perfect to TRY as your First Class!


FitBox is our most popular class. In our Fitbox class you have a partner and our boxing trainer will take you through various cardio drills guaranteed to get your heart racing! You will have fun and make new friends. Excellent if you are looking to increase your cardio fitness fast.

Boxing & Bodyweight

This BOXING Class includes a variety of Boxing Combo's using the boxing bag, mixed with an array of Body weight movements. This Class is designed to increase your boxing skills, cardio & strength.

Boxing Drills n Skills

So you have always dreamed of having a physique like a boxer just not keen on taking the hits? This class is for you.
Our Boxing Drills n Skills class is suitable for beginners and advanced members.

You will experience training like a real boxer and become skilful using the punching bags, floor to ceiling, speedball and skipping rope.

This class will have you immersed in sweat and feeling awesome.


Our beginner’s class is the Perfect place to start. In this class you will learn whether an Orthodox or Southpaw boxing stance suits you best, how to throw a jab, how to throw a cross, how to throw an uppercut & hook properly.

This class will also teach you how to use your boxing bag, hold focus pads and how to properly put your boxing wraps on. You will then progress to learn how to use the speed ball and the floor to ceiling bags. We highly recommend this class for our newest FitClub family members and this is the best place to meet other beginners and build up your confidence and boxing skills.

Yoga Stretch

Yoga Stretch is a gentler, kinder form of yoga practice and is the perfect way to complement your boxing workouts and bring balance to your busy lifestyle and improve your physical and mental health.

Like all of our classes, no prior experience is necessary.
This class is perfect for those looking to pause for a moment & stretch out those tired muscles so you feel fully rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again 🙂

"Personally, I felt a little bit overwhelmed when I first started, as I hadn't really stepped into a gym before but once I started meeting everyone and working with the coaches, I felt really at home and that it was a place I could just be me."


As the saying goes, if you aim at nothing you will be sure to achieve just that, nothing!

So, what is Personal Training?

Personal Training is all about YOU.

You’ll be receiving personalized attention from the minute you step foot through the door. It is a custom-made one on one session with your very own Coach.

The outside world as you know it disappears, and it is just You and your Coach! Our members choose our Personal Training sessions for many reasons…

Be ready to discover a new you.

Every FitClub Boxing Studio Coach takes pride in sharing your vision, celebrating your achievements and helping you achieve your desired Results!