Train like a boxer

be fitter than your 20's!

This is a Lifestyle Transformation like no other.

You will learn the art of boxing in an old-school, authentic & safe environment with Very experienced Boxing Coaches.

You will experience a boxing  transformation, that will not only fast track your boxing skills it will completely Transform your Life. 

Starts 2nd of September!

   Starts Tomorrow…Only 1 x Spot left, Who Wants it?


IMAGINE laying on the BEACH this SUMMER & FEELING proud of your Body.

No longer Body shaming yourself or Feeling the need to hide at the beach under several layers of clothes or worse avoiding the Beach all together.

Instead you EMBRACE it! You are so HAPPY with this Healthier & Fit version of yourself. You wear whatever swimsuit your heart desires with Confidence!

You no longer obsess over the number on the scales or years you have lived on the planet, instead you celebrate it!

Let us TEACH you how to cultivate a positive body image & FEEL Awesome this Summer & every Summer to come…


our 12WK boxing camp is for anyone Who wants to?

You may be asking yourself WHY do I need an InBody Scan?

Your Inbody scan is more accurate than any set of bathroom scales will ever be…

Your In body scan will accurately take individual measurements of 5 components of your body (your arms, your legs and torso) to provide you with a more precise and detailed analysis of your full body composition. 

With these measurements the InBody scanner will then divide your weight into different components, such as water, lean body mass and fat mass. It only takes 5 minutes & you can wear your work clothes if you are popping in before work. 

You will receive a printed version like the one in the pic & each InBody scan is automatically stored in your Inbody app so you can compare your ongoing results easily.

Train like a boxer sessions

You MUST be able to attend at least 2 of the 4 TRAIN LIKE A BOXER Training sessions each week that run as follows:

Monday & Wednesday evenings – from 5.15pm to 6pm and or

Tuesday & Thursday mornings – from 6.15am to 7am

(You can attend all or a combination of these T.L.A.B sessions based on your schedule)

Your Personal Training session/s each week can be organised at a time that suits you best 🙂

Take your Fitness & your Boxing skills to the Next Level

*Only 1 x Spot left – Starts tomorrow at 8am

Why does our 12Wk Boxing Camp work?

art of boxing

You are not alone, many of our TRAIN LIKE A BOXER participants are just like you and have never boxed before & are currently unfit.

Our TRAIN LIKE A BOXER sessions will be a combination of learning authentic boxing techniques mixed with High Intensity training (like a boxer) that is guaranteed to produce the results you want FAST

…and Learn valuable Life skills along the way 🥊😊

boost your energy

You do not need to starve yourself, count calories or weigh every ounce of your food ever again!

Let us show you how easy it is to boost your energy, feel less bloated, lose weight, have glowing skin & cultivate healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. 

Just by following our really simple holistic TRAIN LIKE A BOXER NOURISH Program you will Feel AMAZING 🍏🍐🍎🍋🍓🥑

mental health break

You will also have full access to our FitClub Lifestyle app which will step you through your TRAIN LIKE A BOXER 12Wk Program.

Let us show you how to create more balance in your life with our helpful mindset hacks that will help you learn how to manage your stress better, be more productive and schedule moments of peace into your busy schedule throughout the 12 Weeks 🦋

your like-minded tribe

FitClub is a family!

From the moment you walk into the Studio you will feel our friendly & caring vibe, it flows all the way through the Studio from our very experienced boxing Coaches to our beautiful Corporate members 🙂

Everyone is very supportive and with you every step of the way.

You will feel like you have finally found a place where you Belong🧡


Join us in the next 12 hours and SAVE $100 (Only 1 x Spot left)

Your Train Like a Boxer 12wk Camp Gear Pack was $295 is NOW only $195 for the next 12 hours only.

(includes your Boxing Gloves, Wraps, 2 x Inbody scans and Training Tee for new members)

Your Weekly Training Package is only $99 each week and includes all of your Specialised TRAIN LIKE A BOXER small Group sessions & your One on One Personal Training Sessions with our Very Experienced Boxing Coaches each week.  Your weekly Training Package also includes full access to our Studio and all normal group classes.

Transform your Life today

YOU deserve to FEEL AMAZING😊

 *Money Back Guarantee – once you have completed your first training session on the 4th or 5th of September. If you are not completely happy with our TLAB 12wk Camp, you can return all of your gear and we will happily refund your money in full.

what's included:

What our members say

"Kept me motivated throughout the whole of the month. My favourite part was the weekly challenges that we all had to do, so there was a bit of competition in that, which kept it exciting!"
"I dropped just over 2kg, I didn't lose any muscle mass, it was all fat. I'm a lot healthier & it got me training more, I was kind of slacking off at the end of the year, so it gave me more reason to come in and stick to 4 or 5 sessions a week. Some healthy competition was good and different workouts every week kept it interesting"
"It does help to keep me motivated, especially the timeline" Favourite part was to start seeing my ab's again, seeing my six pack again, it has been a long long time..It's good stuff"

See what our Members say

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be the best you can be

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Our 12 Week Train Like a Boxer (Corporate Boxing Camp) is the perfect way for YOU to discover boxing & completely Transform your Life 🙂