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Discover Boxing

Your 28 day challenge starts 4th of July

This is the perfect way to discover boxing & completely transform your Mind & Body.

Get Started for only $295 (normally $550)

have you tried everything to lose weight?

Let’s face it….the last 2 years have been very disruptive & challenging for all of us!  You may be thinking you don’t have time or even the energy to begin training again…even though…

You would love to shed the extra kilo’s that you know are weighing you down…

What if I told you…that you are not alone and that is exactly why we created this 28 days Challenge for people just like you who need help getting started again!

This 28 day Challenge is for anyone who feels...

Hurry! Next intake starts 4th of July , 2022

You may be asking yourself WHY do I need an InBody Scan?

Your Inbody scan is more accurate than any set of bathroom scales will ever be…

Your In body scan will accurately take individual measurements of 5 components of your body (your arms, your legs and torso) to provide you with a more precise and detailed analysis of your full body composition. 

With these measurements the InBody scanner will then divide your weight into different components, such as water, lean body mass and fat mass. It only takes 5 minutes & you can wear your work clothes if you are popping in before work. 

You will receive a printed version like the one in the pic & each InBody scan is automatically stored in your Inbody app so you can compare your ongoing results easily.

Do I need a body scan?

We highly recommend adding an InBody scan to your 28 day Challenge.

An Inbody scan is way more accurate than any bathroom scales will ever be…as it scans your whole body and actually measures your body fat %, your muscle mass, water & visceral fat.

Your 1st InBody scan will accurately measure your body composition at the start of your 28 day Challenge on the 1st of March.

At the end of your 28 day Challenge your 2nd InBody scan on the 29th of March will show your amazing transformation! 

This is how you can see exactly how much impact you have made to your quality of life just by making a few simple changes to your nutrition, lifestyle and training regime by following FitClub’s 28 day Challenge program.

We find that our members who get an InBody scan are way more motivated & get much better results knowing that they are being held accountable with a scan at the end of the 28 days.

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Why does the 28 day challenge work?


Let’s face it! Boxing is more FUN!

Never get bored during a workout ever again.

Our 30 minute Group Boxing Classes are High Intensity & guaranteed to produce the results you want FAST!

Get fit in half the time…Perfect for our busy professionals.


You do not need to starve yourself, count calories or weigh every ounce of your food ever again!

Let us show you how easy it is to boost your energy, feel less bloated, lose weight & have glowing skin just by following our really simple holistic 28 day Challenge program.

invest in yourself

Let us show you how to create more balance in your life with our helpful Mindset hacks throughout the 28 days.

You also have full access to our Yoga classes which are the perfect way to take a moment, stretch out those muscles and schedule moments of peace into your busy schedule.

join our family

FitClub is a family!

From the moment you walk into the Studio you will feel our friendly & caring vibe, it flows all the way through the Studio from our very experienced Coaches to our beautiful members 🙂

You are not alone, everyone is very supportive and with you every step of the way 🙂


Let’s start by saying YOU are Worth It & YOU deserve to FEEL AMAZING again!

Our 28 day Challenge Program is only $295 (normally $550)

(includes your very own brand new boxing gloves & wraps or $250 if you already have your own boxing gloves)

BONUS: Get Started NOW & TRAIN for FREE until the 4th of July!

*If you are already one of our beautiful FitClub members, your 28 day Challenge is included in your current Bronze, Silver or Gold Membership 🙂

           Hurry! Next intake starts 4th of July , 2022

what's included:


What does the program look like?

Getting Started Session

30 minute 1-on-1 at the studio where we introduce the program.

We help you to download the FitClub boxing app and book your first class.

Get your boxing gift pack

Receive your own set of high-quality 12oz Punch boxing gloves and wraps.

Day 1 Weigh In

We take your starting measurements which gives us a baseline to measure your success.

You can also choose to add-on an InBody scan to get a whole body measurement of where you are.

Get started with flexible classes

Join us in the studio for our fun and high-intensity classes or get sweaty at home with our fun online classes

unlimited studio access

Come in whenever you like and train in our fully-featured boxing studio. Take advantage of our weights area and boxing equipment.

Personal Coaching Session

Attend our 1 on 1 personal coaching session, check in on your progress and keep you motivated and accountable.

Need help with your ongoing nutrition or your workout routine? We can help!

fitclub online 24/7

Login to our FitClub Online Portal for daily motivation tips, simple, tasty recipes and support throughout the program.

unlock your weight loss

Discover the secrets to long-term weight loss success with our healthy lifestyle approach that’s achievable for anyone.

Daily Challenges

Our optional daily team challenges help you connect with other FitClubbers and keep you engaged and motivated throughout the whole 28 days.

you’ve done it!

Congratulations, our final weigh-out shows your incredible transformation and results. Feel the sense of accomplishment and triumph of smashing the 28 day challenge!

What our members say

"Kept me motivated throughout the whole of the month. My favourite part was the weekly challenges that we all had to do, so there was a bit of competition in that, which kept it exciting!"
"I dropped just over 2kg, I didn't lose any muscle mass, it was all fat. I'm a lot healthier & it got me training more, I was kind of slacking off at the end of the year, so it gave me more reason to come in and stick to 4 or 5 sessions a week. Some healthy competition was good and different workouts every week kept it interesting"
"It does help to keep me motivated, especially the timeline" Favourite part was to start seeing my ab's again, seeing my six pack again, it has been a long long time..It's good stuff"

be the best you can be

join the challenge

This is where you belong

Our 28 day FEEL GOOD Challenge is the perfect way for YOU to discover boxing & completely transform your Life 🙂