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private boxing classes for your team

Discover how FitClub’s unique (30min) Boxing Classes fit seamlessly into your team’s busy schedule, boosting their health, energy, productivity and connection to each other. 

Our highly experienced Coaches are ready to Welcome you into our very safe space designed especially for Corporate Individuals & their Teams.

You will witness a transformation in your Team’s fitness, confidence & camaraderie levels in just one (30min) Class, setting a new foundation and Boost to your Team’s morale & productivity!

Why Boxing?

Boxing is a full-body workout that improves cardiovascular health, strength, agility, and endurance and provides maximum results in a short amount of time, which is PERFECT for busy professionals.

Boxing is also an excellent way to reduce Stress.

The physical activity, coupled with the release of endorphins during your Corporate Group Class, will help the Team reduce their Stress levels and manage their emotions in a healthy way. 

Come & Try us

We specialise in helping Corporate Teams have Fun together, Get Fit together, reduce Stress together and Connect better.

Resulting in a Stronger, more Productive & Resilient Team. 

We also specialise in helping people who have never boxed before get off to a great start!

So no matter what level of fitness or boxing your team has we can cater for each individual team member and make sure they have an Awesome team experience.

The best way to see if we are a Good Fit for Your TEAM is to Come & Try a FREE (30min) Corporate Group Class.

Our NO STRINGS ATTACHED POLICY means you can completely relax & experience your FREE (30mins) Corporate Group Class without any obligation or pressure to join our Studio.  

What to expect:

(in your 30 min Corporate Group Class)

Our Coaches specialise in helping new people who have never boxed before get off to a great start.

What to bring & Wear:

When to arrive

Please arrive 15mins before your Corporate Group class start time.

You will need to complete the basic health waiver at the time of booking your Corporate Team session or you can complete at the time of arrival.

Please note:

if you have injuries or any pre-exiting conditions, you must ask for the extended Health waiver upon arrival.

Our friendly team will be excited to meet YOU on arrival!

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  • Monday 6am - 10am | 3:30pm - 7pm
  • Tuesday 6am - 10am | 3:30pm - 7pm
  • Wednesday 6am - 10am | 3:30pm - 7pm
  • Thursday 6am - 10am | 3:30pm - 7pm
  • Friday 6am - 1pm
  • Saturday 7am - 9am


FitClub Boxing was Co-Founded by Annie & Geoff in 2008 at it’s current 124 Albert St, Brisbane location. For over 16 years, they together with their very experienced Team of Coaches have been teaching local professionals & their Corporate Teams how to box authentically for fitness.

To be eligible for this very limited offer you MUST be a Team of at least 5 or more people from the same Company, Small Business or Government office who are located in the Brisbane CBD. 

Yes, you and your Team will experience a 30 min Group Boxing Session with your own Coach and dedicated space in the Studio.

Our Corporate Group Classes go for 30 minutes.

It is best to arrive 15 minutes before your Start time to ensure your whole team gets to experience the full 30 minute session.

Boxing is the most effective workout on the Planet which is why your Team only needs 30 minutes to experience RESULTS Fast!

You no longer have to worry about finding 1 to 2 hours in everyone’s diary to schedule your Group Team building session, which will SAVE you & your Team heaps of time.

You can have up to 20 people in your Corporate Group Class.


Our Coaches specialise in helping new people who have never boxed before get off to a great start. 

Our (30min) Corporate Group Classes are suitable for all fitness and boxing skill levels including beginners, intermediate & advanced.

In your FREE (30min) Corporate Group Class we will start with a Warm Welcome and get to know you while we hand out your Boxing Gloves (equipment all supplied by us) and help you get ready to start your (30min) Team building Session.

We will then introduce your Team to the 4 x boxing fundamentals while you warm up which will help you all improve your boxing technique and ENJOY the experience! 

From here we launch into your FUN & interactive Boxing Class with your Team mates.

Come TRY US, we have a NO STRINGS attached policy 🥊😊

You don’t need to bring anything other than your water bottle & towel to your FREE (30min) Corporate Group Class. 

We will supply boxing gloves to your Team for this Group session.

Your team members are also most welcome to bring their own gloves, if they prefer.

Yes, your Team will experience a FUN, Interactive, Team building workout that is authentic Boxing without the Contact.


Yes, we do offer Friday Morning & Afternoon Corporate Group Sessions. 

Just let us know when you are booking and we will MAKE it HAPPEN at a Time that suits YOUR Team best!

Your (30min) Corporate Group Class is completely FREE!

If you or your Team mates decide you would like to KEEP Going after your FREE Session:

We have a Special – 50% off our 10 Visit Corporate Group Class Pack which is ONLY $1250 for 10 Private Corporate Group Classes for your team (up to 20 people) and is valid for 12 months which gives your Team plenty of time to use the 10 sessions.

We also have Exclusive Corporate Membership offerings starting from *$39 per week (if you have 6 or more Team mates from the same Company) or $49 per week (for 3 to 5 Team mates from the same Company) for any individual Team mates that would like to join our community 🥊😊

We can also liaise with your Company if they wish to pay for some or all of your Membership on your behalf.

*Corporate Memberships are for a minimum 12 weeks.

Our No Strings attached policy means you can ENJOY your FREE Team session without any pressure. While we are pretty confident you will Love us, we will completely understand if it is not right for your Team right now and hope that we have at least brightened your Team’s day 🙂

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Unleash a Healthier, HAPPIER TEAM – Absolutely Free!

Join Brisbane's high-achiever's who've elevated their TEAM with our FREE (30min) Corporate Group Boxing Classes – with No Strings attached!

* To be eligible for this very limited offer you MUST be a Team of at least 5 or more people from the same Company, Small Business or Government office who are located in the Brisbane CBD. 

Be ready to discover a new you.

Every FitClub Boxing Studio Coach takes pride in sharing your vision, celebrating your achievements and helping you achieve your desired Results FAST!

Re-ignite your team's passion

Inspire Your Team with a FREE (30min) Corporate Group Boxing Class and watch their stress melt away as they Have FUN and create STRONGER connections.

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